What areas of Minnesota do you serve?

St Cloud and surround communities, Brainerd, Alexandria, and the Twin Cities.

Do you have a restroom on your buses?

We do not have any buses with restrooms. Most party groups enjoy stopping for a quick break (smoke, restroom, meet n greet) at facilities along their route, it often makes the experience more interactive and enjoyable.

Can we supply our own driver?

Commercial transportation is highly regulated by Mn DOT. Drivers are background checked, CDL holders that are subject to random drug screenings and must pass annual physicals.

Who decides the route of our trip?

Many customers have a planned destination, like a Twins game or a concert at a specific venue. For those that are doing a pub crawl, the choice of destinations or route of travel is theirs to make. Having done this for 12 years we can often help plan the stops but the ultimate choice lies with the customer.

Is tip included in the cost?

Similar to dining out, tip is a way our customers Express their appreciation for the service provided by the driver. Our goal is that the driver waits on the passengers and never the other way around.

When does the rental time begin?

Our bookings begin when the bus arrives to your predetermined pick up locations and ends at the final dropoff. For service beyond 30 minutes of our facility a fee may be charged for the miles to/from your location.

Can we bring food/snacks/glass bottles?

As long as you utilize the waste receptacles provided, and can behave responsibly, none of these provide a problem. Passenger safety is always number one. If bottles provide a safety concern for our passengers, we reserve the right to remove them from the bus.

I am 20 years old, can I ride the bus?

There in no age limit to riding our buses. Enjoy alcoholic beverages is reserved for those 21 years of age and older. This is strictly enforced. Similar to a bar, you can expect to be carded and without sufficient proof of age, you will be restricted from consuming alcoholic beverages.

Where are you based?

We are based in St. Cloud, MN but willing to serve your group wherever you reside in Central Minnesota.